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Call for Prayer and Fasting – Three Days

Noon Nov. 1 – Nov. 4

We are calling all Samaritans and those who pray to join us in contending for global impact through intercession. We want to stand in agreement for peace in the Middle East, Ukraine, and Hong Kong and against the fear growing from the Ebola outbreak. We also ask you to join us in prayer for the healing of families affected by the trauma associated with these crisis situations.

Many of our international leaders are dealing with these issues and they need our prayers for wisdom, courage and strength. In Liberia, GSM National Director Lucy Siafa said, “We continue fasting and praying for our nation and other nations affected by the deadly Ebola outbreak.” (Lucy’s family photo top left.)

Here is a recent testimony coming from a client of Lucy Siafa in Monrovia, Liberia:

“My wife got infected with the virus and died two weeks later. I got the virus while taking care of her. After her death, I was rushed to the Ebola camp half dead. Upon arrival, I was diagnosed positive and was put to bed. The same day, six patients died (near me). The following day, another six died. I was lying beside dead bodies. I was terrified, weak, and helpless. So I prayed that God save me. He did. I am not better than those who died but I thank God that I am alive. I have lost six persons in my family.” Read more