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Merry Christmas From the GSM International Team

The team of faithful men and women are celebrating all that has been accomplished this year with honor and glory to God.  This team meets each Wednesday for a noon potluck and meeting at the GSM-Beaverton office, (except Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve).  School children in many countries are learning and growing.  Funds to support education have been raised this year by donations and by selling jewelry, art, scarves and clothes. Several projects have been completed such as 1) ten bunk beds for the GSM-Uganda Masaka School dormitory; 2) ten sewing machines for Cameroon; 3) school supplies and clothing for Uganda; 4) a couple laptops; 5) Desks, books and blackboards for Sri Lanka children; 6) funds for plastering two classrooms at GSM Dirk Allison High School in Uranga, Kenya and 7) faithful monthly support for Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon and Liberia.

Contact or Lynda Donaca ( for more information. Lynda and her husband and three grandchildren traveled to Africa to visit many schools this year. Please read more about this Satellite or donate to help school children at this website:

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