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Where to Go For Help?





The ministries of GSM have been a tremendous blessing to me.  When I was going through trauma and trials and needed counseling and support, Good Samaritan Ministries was there for me.  I was very thankful and impressed that GSM offered counseling on a donation basis; the ministry offers counseling because it is supported by voluntary donations. This was especially helpful for me since I had virtually zero income.  The last thing I needed when seeking help was another burden-that of worrying about money.  I had sought counseling from other Christian organizations, but was told I would have to pay, when I had no income.  It was very painful to reach out for help and be told I could not access the help I needed without money.  It was wonderful to find there was help out there somewhere!  I received spiritual mentoring and counseling, and I attended classes, and growth groups.  After having received so much I hope to serve at GSM through volunteering and giving, following the example of those others gave of their time and resources to help me.  – M.B.        Tri-Met Info:   You Can Get Here 1.21.15