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Just hug me Jesus…


As I come painfully honest to the forefront of my thinking, my heart, and my soul cry out for the open arms of Christ and the warm embrace of His spirit and His presence.  At times of struggle, loneliness or tough situations, it would be nice to just have a holy hug and hear Jesus say “It’s gonna be OK, dude.”  Often we will accept the struggles rather than ask for help.  Or when we ask for help, we question or don’t think it’s fair when help doesn’t come the way we expect.  Do you consider this Christian nature, human nature, or just me.  Boy there are times a hug would be nice.

Sometimes I act like I want God to be my comforting mother, or a rich uncle, instead of my Father.  I would rather have a hug and all my needs met than to be shaped, taught, disciplined, or given assignments by my Father.  The journey is not an easy one and we will mostly pick a path around or look for a shortcut through tough issues.  Many reading this are nodding up and down right now. Read more