Annual Meeting Board Member Elections

2017 New International Board Members

The following candidates were voted on to the International Board of Directors for GSM at our Annual Meeting February 12th 2017

The International Board of Good Samaritan Ministries acts as an advisory and guidance committee for the entire ministry. The role the board plays is integral to our growth, development and accountability. Board members are elected for a three-year term.

Tom Granger

I was born in Nebraska and spent the first 30 years of my life in the Midwest.  I was raised in the Methodist church and have always considered myself as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.  It actually wasn’t until moving to Oregon in the Mid 1970s  and attending a foursquare church that I realized that there was much more than just being a regular once a week church goer to having a true relationship with God.  I was baptized and filled with the holy spirit while attending the Chapel of the Cascades where Robert Nash was the senior pastor.

My first encounter with GSM was back in the 80’s when my wife, Donna, and I attended a fundraising event in the basement of a church where they were having an Indian Dinner with belly dancing.  Many memories of that event still linger with me, but one was my first encounter with Betty Mitchell.  Over the years it seems like the Lord has prepared me for this season.  I have worked along side of people like Theresa, Vonda, Mike, Robert, Brenda, Dale Marty, and numerous others in this ministry.  I am so honored and humbled that I would even be considered to serve with them.

I have been on several board of directors such as Sonshine Broadcasting, a Christian radio station in Bend, The Northwest Rett Syndrome board as well as serving as secretary, treasurer, and President of the board on two occasions.  I have served on the board of three different churches that Donna and I attended and am currently serving on the board of Liberty Fellowship in the Salem area.

I will admit that the last year has been a very difficult one for myself and my family and it has been a challenge for me to say the least.  I have done a lot of traveling during the year and it has affected my regular attendance in one church.  I have visited many of the churches that Donna and I had attended during our last 20 years of marriage.  I still consider Robert Nash as my spiritual father as he has always been there for me and my family.

Even though I have not been heavily involved over the years with GSM both Donna and I have been a constant prayer warrior for the ministry for 30 years.  If accepted as a board member I would like to fulfill a vision that Donna and I shared many times and that is to visit some of the centers and show the love of Jesus in a personal way with the children in some of the schools.  I have been blessed to be able to do this financially and would provide for my own way.  I feel that with my many various experiences serving on boards that I would be a valuable asset if chosen to serve.

Michelle Paine

I am Michelle Paine and I was born and raised in Walla Walla, WA. I was first exposed to Good Samaritan Ministries in 1989, when I was 8 years old. I grew up in the ministry, attending intensive trainings in Beaverton and other events the ministry would hold.

My family traveled to Israel and Egypt in 1995 on a tour lead by Mama Bettie Mitchell. This began the more focused ministry of working with youth in the Walla Walla area. We began doing Kids Samaritan Training Camp (KSTC). This was a camp designed, planned, and lead by youth, 8 – 17 years old, while the adults were there to help mentor. I was the co-director of the camp and assisted with the worship and teaching for three years. I then took over the training of the youth when I was a senior in high school. In 1998, we took a team of youth to Israel on a work study tour.

During high school I was on the Walla Walla regional board as the youth representative. I attended the monthly meetings, gave input on our work, and reports on KSTC.

I traveled to Kenya and Uganda in 1999, and my love and deep passion for Uganda was developed. I traveled back to Uganda in 2006, after receiving my teaching degree, and felt a call to work at the school in Masaka. I lived and taught at the school from June 2008 – Sept 2009. It gave me a deeper understanding of the ministry and the schooling there, but also showed me that they know their culture and people better than we ever can, and why as a ministry we must empower the local people to do the work. I have since visited with my daughter and mother in 2013.

GSM has impacted my life in many ways and I believe that it is important to pass on the calling of the ministry. I have a heart for training up the next generation, not only locally but internationally as well. Who are we mentoring in the work of the ministry? I also enjoy learning about other cultures and how our people are using their current situations to minister to people.


David Williams

David was born in England 1938 and emigrated to the USA in 1960. In 1962 his mother, in England, told her friends that, “David has an American girl friend.” He married his girlfriend, Nan (a Southerner) in December 1962. He and Nan have two grown children Mark and Lisa. He became a US citizen in 1967 and retired from a career in insurance to Vancouver in1996.


David was re-born in 2012 and has developed a loving intimate relationship with Jesus. His desire is to answer the call on his life and to please Him. David loves the word and he thrives on His loving presence, His Grace, His teaching and his voice. He enjoys resting with Him; he enjoys prayer and sharing with others the things the Father has shared with him.


David’s first contact with GSM was through Charles Orange who insisted he come to the Good Friday lunch in 2004. After that he visited Beaverton many times, helped with stuffing envelopes and moved on to filing papers for Bettie. She soon became his mentor, friend and counselor. David has taught GSM groups on many occasions. He started the prayer and Healing rooms in Vancouver and in Beaverton where teams prayed with others for their needs for many years. He continues to participate in Intercessory prayer both in Vancouver and Beaverton and teaches whenever opportunities present themselves.


David wishes to Help Teresa and GSM in any way the Holy Spirit directs and If chosen to be a Board Member will do all the Holy Spirit leads him to do.


Jeremie Ndayishimiye

Jeremie Ndayishimiye was introduced to GSM by Pastor George Kadega, one of the first three men James Opyio (Africa Continental Director) trained. George and Jeremie studied at Bible College in Kisumu Kenya before graduation, Jeremie and George went to Uranga to meet Papa James Opiyo.  After introducing himself to Mama Bettie, she immediately gave him an assignment to go to Uranga and meet Papa James, his first assignment even before becoming a Samaritan.

Mama Bettie invited Jeremie to meet her and the team in October 1995 in Uranga; where he received his second assignment, of traveling with the team to Uganda for one week. After first returning his wife and first born to Kisumu, Jeremie joined the team in a new land, new culture and new people. He learned to listen to God and do His will.  After 6 month of intensive Samaritan Training he graduated and went home during the Burundi war.

He started the Samaritan work by Faith, training 6 people in his the garage, he did not have car.  After 6 months they held their first graduation. Many leaders and friends were invited to attend the graduation.  The next training they had 63 who graduated.  In 1997 they sent 6 to Uranga, Kenya to Continual Training. They continued to train and now have trained hundreds of Pastors and leaders from different churches and background.  God has used GSM to heal, reconcile families, communities and the Nation of Burundi.  Over 2000 Leaders have been trained in Samaritan work between 1996-2013.

In 2013 Jeremie turn the directorship over to Eddy Bukeye an orphan who was sponsored by GSM from primary to university. For safety, Jeremie moved his family to Tucson, Arizona where he managing a group home for adults with disabilities. Last year he moved his family to Portland continuing to work in a group home. Jeremie is active in GSM participating in prayer at both the Beaverton and Vancouver offices and is the Burundi Satellite leader.

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