ASTA Palestine

ASTA  –   Al-Sadiq Al-Taieb Association

General Director: Majed Alloush, East Jerusalem

Satellite Leader:  Debbie Hoffman

Established: 1986

Al-Sadiq, Al-Taieb Association, or ASTA, was so named as a legal non-profit corporation in 1985 as a  non-profit organization under the Israelis. We have had an office in the Schmidt Building since that time just outside the Old City of Jerusalem.  ASTA was the first GSM organization established, outside of the United States.  The word ASTA means “Good Friends Association”.  It denotes the work that will savor the needs of people, rather than the needs of religious groups.  It denotes spiritual freedom and the Spirit of the Samaritan is very strong in the work.  Christians and Muslims work together in all aspects of our work in Palestine. We have a drug and alcohol treatment center in Bethany, East Jerusalem, Palestine, and we opened an office in Ramallah in 2005.

Al-Sadiq Al-Taieb Association focuses on the issues of Drug Addiction (Treatment, Awareness, Prevention, Intervention and Counseling Program) for Palestinian Families in Jerusalem and in all the West Bank Territories. “The Schools Awareness and Prevention Project” was designed for grades 8 – 11 and  implemented by the Ramallah Office staff through conducting  Training Workshops  for students, teachers, schools counselors, and parents.  Thousands are touched each year by ASTA.



  • In cooperation with the Ministry of education we rolled out an awareness program targeted at school age children addressing behavioral abnormalities and drug use.
  • Outreach program targeted at the local community addressing the prevention of behavioral abnormalities and drug use.
  • Practical training for the Humanities at Palestinian universities program
  • Academic and educational visits to ASTA by universities, educational institutions and youth
  • ASTA’s branch in Bethany.  Therapeutic program – for the alcohol and drug treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Counseling and guidance program
  • Development of professional and administrative staff of ASTA Center
  • Volunteer program of the Palestinian high school and university students
  • Awareness and prevention through various local media

Newsfeed: ASTA Raid


Update – 2/21/17


Dear Friends,

There is an Update for the counselors that are being held by the Israeli soldiers. We talked to Majed this morning and the case has been moved forward until next Monday the 27th. When the case was presented to the judge, he could not understand why they (soldiers )were bringing them in for trial. We have been told still there are no charges other than doing good in Palestine to heal People in need. But the judge did give them more time to come up with a case. It’s a huge game and the game needs to be broken in the name of Jesus. Keep praying for these men and their families.. The center is functional Majed and another director is staying there as well as another counselor . Together we are taking the stance and holding ground and the center will be a place of healing!

Thank you for upholding our brothers and sisters in prayer,
Much love

From Executive Director, Teresa Stroup

 We are to hold an  “ALL MINISTRY ” vigil on Sunday the 26th , fasting for the day and coming together at 6pm at the Beaverton office for prayers and agreement for their release.We need to spread the word in every country, keeping this before the GSM Ministry worldwide. The office will be open at 4pm for those who want to come sooner. Lets agree together for the enemy’s strong hold on them to be broken!


Update – 2/16/17

Our director of ASTA employed two attorneys (working for us Pro Bono), to go to court on Friday morning to plea for the release of our two ASTA staff members.

The court was cancelled and we were told the two counselors that are in prison are going to be held until Monday for further investigation. This is very sad news and the treatment of these men are unknown.

Debbie Hoffman who is the head of the satellite with Good Samaritan ministries is contacting NBC news. Please pray, they said they would get back to her in the next hour. Maybe it’s one step closer to help these men that do not have any rights. We will not get discouraged and we will back our director, Majed Alloush with everything we have. God is in control.





(pictured: wreckage left from the raid).


This is an urgent request for prayer for the GSM ministry of Al Sadiq Al Taib (ASTA) or Good Friends Association in the West Bank.

At 2 a.m. local occupational forces (police and soldiers) broke into the facility and ransacked the place. They slit mattresses, trashed equipment and files and did much physical damage. Even though the staff offered to open the doors, the police refused and broke the doors. There were 17 residents and the police told them that they could all leave. Only one person chose to leave. All of the others remained to continue their program of treatment.

For those who are not familiar with this work, it is a very effective drug and alcohol rehab center located in East Jerusalem. ASTA is an in-house treatment center that accepts people of any race, nationality, or religion. They are a branch of GSM and have worked many years with the local police and government.

Police arrested two staff members and took them to jail, saying ASTA would have to hire attorneys to get them back. At this point we do not have any understanding of the purpose of the raid, but it caused much trauma to those present and much physical damage to the facility.

Please pray for recovery for those who have been affected, release of those who were arrested, and funds to restore all that was damaged at the facility. Pray for our ASTA Director, Majed Alloush, who carries the responsibility for this much-needed work among addicts in Palestinian Territory. Seek the Lord for His counsel, wisdom, and direction concerning this incident and the ongoing work in a very dangerous area.

Please consider supporting recovery of the Center through finances as well as your prayers. Donations can be sent to the Beaverton office with a note to indicate you would like the money to go ASTA.



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