GSM Kenya

Established 1987

African Continental Director:  Dr. James Opiyo

Kenya National Director:  Gorretty Amollo

Continental and National Headquarters: Uranga, Kenya, East Africa

Satellite Leaders:  Nick Ward and Catherine Obiero

Number of GSM Centers:  45



The country of Kenya hosts the Continental Training Center in Uranga for all West Africans.  They operate in various parts of the country including, Nairobi, Nakuru, and Malindi. Samaritans in Kenya offer:

  • counseling
  • counselor training
  • suicide intervention and prevention
  • schools and education sponsorship
  • widows and orphans support
  • senior support
  • job opportunities with the help of the Microcredit Empowerment Fund
  • agriculture and irrigation project to provide food for those in need
  • poultry farm project
  • clean water projects
  • church leadership meetings to facilitate unity


GSM has found that training leaders and pastors in the bush is very effective to bring intimacy in their relationship with God in prayer and humility.


Dr. James Opiyo has been selected as a spiritual advisor to the Governor of Siaya County and consultant on matters of peace-making for the nation of Kenya.

GSM work in Kenya has not only furthered the mission, but also impacted communities with life giving words through counseling and giving of ourselves to others.  A lot of workshops and seminars have been organized by different churches and organizations as a result of the interest they have shown for the Samaritan mission.  The core value of Good Samaritan Ministries speaks by itself. It has brought education to those who could have not otherwise made it in life and healing of the inner man. We also greatly appreciate the completion of the water well project in Uranga. Water is life and the Uranga community has greatly benefitted with water that is safe from infections.


God is leading the Samaritan work in Kenya towards a mature ground of understanding.  The level of understanding of the workers and Samaritans at large is very promising.  People have completely come out of victim mentality to become responsible men and women in society.  They now value relationship with God and education of girls and boys alike. Initially it was only boys who were given first priority as far as education is concerned, but now both boys and girls are precious in the eyes of God.  Parents are also treating the children as equals in their educational endeavors.


GSM Kenya will be hosting a Continental Leadership Training in October with guest leaders, speakers, and teachers from the US and Africa.

Good Samaritan Ministries is a 501c(3) tax-exempt nonprofit.
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