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“Religious Minorities in Iraq & Kurdistan: An Eyewitness Account of ISIS’ Attacks on Christians and Yazidis”

Wednesday, Sept 24, 7:15 pm
Location: Good Samaritan Ministries, 7929 SW Cirrus Dr., Beaverton, OR 97008.

Hear from Matthew Barber who will speak about his experience living in northern Iraq this summer when ISIS attacked the Kurdistan Province, expelled Christians from Mosul, and displaced hundreds of thousands of Yazidis from Sinjar. (Matthew Barber is available for interviews in the Portland area until Sept 26.)

​Violence erupted on the mountains of Sinjar during Matthew Barber’s research visit to the Dohuk region of northern Iraq.

“The Yazidis are keenly aware that they are the targets of a genocidal impulse,” wrote Barber in the New Statesman. As Barber, a graduate student in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations focusing on Islamic Studies and Yazidism, explained on NPR, the extremists believe “the Yazidis are a polytheistic minority that doesn’t deserve to exist.” Read more