Bike Week – A Child’s Story September 1, 2011

Samaritan Ministries Bike Week

The Samaritan Spirit is passed on from generation to generation. Congratulations to Bobbi Sullivan, 12, of Portland, Ore., a seventh grader at daVinci Arts Middle School, who is an avid volunteer with“Bike First,” the Portland affiliate of “Lose the Training Wheels.” It is a national organization which provides opportunities for disabled children to learn how to ride traditional bicycles. Bobbi was selected as a “Distinguished Finalist” for the Prudential Spirit of Community Award. About 5,000 children were considered for the award. Only one middle school student was chosen from each state. Bobbi was the first alternate for Oregon as a “Distinguished Finalist.”

Bobbi volunteers her time at local clinics to help children with handicaps to learn how to ride bikes without the use of training wheels. Bobbi is a third-generation GSMer. Bobbi’s brother, Cody, who has Down Syndrome, learned how to ride a bike in the clinic. Bobbi and Cody’s mother, Ann Donaca-Sullivan, co-founded “Bike First.” Ann has traveled to Israel twice with Bettie. Cody and Bobbi were baptized by Bettie. Their grandmother, Lynda Wienk, is the co-director of the GSM International Education Satellite which helps thousands of children around the world.

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