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Passion Must Drive Us – Never Fear September 23, 2011

The invitation to engage in God’s Kingdom to stretch our potential is not about meeting some spiritual goal or some religious expectation. It is this simple truth: Any person, any life moving towards their fullness will find their greatest peace, joy, and righteousness when actively engaged in loving God, and loving their neighbors.  “Life to the full” is a Samaritan’s life.  Not easy, but always FULL.  The reason so many have been with GSM so long is that they believe this, and it feeds their very spirits.  This truth does not change, but we often do. We lose our focus.  We can be overcome by circumstances.  Life’s challenges often douse the flame of our God-instilled passions, and derail our Kingdom potential and destiny.  No one is immune to losing passion, and why would we expect anything less?  We are called to move as change agents in a desperate world!

Passion for engaging with God, sharing His love, and teaching it: this is what will drive this ministry forward into 2012 and beyond.  Our collective challenge as 2011 moves towards Fall is to fight against busyness, to continue to develop a culture of joy and hospitality, and most importantly, to ensure the fires burning inside us remain ablaze.  Passion must drive us – never fear.

Marty Miller



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