National Executive Directors of GSM in Burundi February 18, 2012

We thank God for what the Lord has done in Burundi with Good Samaritan Ministries (GSM). We thank God for Beaverton office for their prayers and support to us and to the work. May the Lord continue to bless and protect Burundi Satellite families and also Burundians Samaritans for their efforts to serve the Lord in any situation.

At least 1,540 clients have received counseling in 2010. Much work has been done.

Different Center Locations of Training and Graduations

  • Musenyi-Bubanta Center (25 students)
  • Gasenyi-Cibitoke-Ndava (38 students)
  • Mutakura-Kibega Centers (52 students)
  • Mugoboka-Kamesa (50 students)
  • Nyanzalac-makamba(41 students); Total graduated students = 206

Faithful Service by the Samaritans:

The Samaritans in different centers have been putting into action what they have learned during training. They have been going to see people and encourage them in prisons, hospitals, and helping widows and orphans in the communities. In Burundi, we helped 300 children but 500 orphans and vulnerable children still have no help. It is a big challenge for the country and for all of us. We have been asking Samaritans to take care of these children in any way they can. Because of 15-year civil war, many Samaritan families in Burundi are still in poverty but they have hearts to help. We always encourage them to do the work of Samaritans in every situation.

We are training Pastors and leaders from different churches, from different ethnic groups, in different provinces. We often bring them together for 6 months, sometimes for 3 months and teach them. We teach the parable of Good Samaritan to bring people together (Hutu, Tutsi, Tura) –we are all one in Christ. We see healing between different ethnic groups. We also bring pastors and leaders to one church or school for the purpose of bringing unity among churches. We also teach the importance of counseling in the process of healing and reconciliation.

We teach and pray for inner healing and deliverance. We have been helping our students to destroy the cassettes of the past and look to have hope for the future. We have had testimonies of healing and deliverance during the trainings and also after the training (forgiveness, love and reconciliation).

During our graduation ceremonies in 8 centers, Pascal Havyarimana gave the testimony of how he has seen the love and unity among us even if we are from different ethnicities. Many people were so touched by this testimony of how we can work together to bring peace and reconciliation to our country, even if we are from different ethnic groups. But we are one with the work of GSM.

Burundi photo via http://www.flickr.com/photos/christing/5669419310/sizes/l/in/photostream/


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