Pastor Tangye – Cameroon March 1, 2012

Tangye George has been the Director of the GSM work in Cameroon since 2002. He has a huge heart for people and he raises about 80% of his own funding in country. Tangye also built a counseling and teaching center in 2011. Tangye George is inviting Samaritans to come to Cameroon in October 2012 to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the work in Cameroon. Tangye also believes we are working as Samaritans anywhere we are.

This is Tangye George’s story at work recently:

“Every day is a unique opportunity God has given us to save souls. The man on my right is my brother in the Lord. When I met Martin, he was held in bondage by the Lust of the Flesh, the Lust of the eyes and the Pride of Life. By the Lords doing, I led Martin to Christ. In one day his two daughters were set free from the wicked hands of satan.”

Cameroon Training empowers pastors, teachers, and those on the radio. “I met a Lady Pastor in a seminar where both of us where facilitators. She fell in love with the topic I was teaching (Abuses lead to Un-forgiveness) and decided to join the next counselor training class. She told me ‘after every class, she shared her learning’s with her husband who is also a pastor.’ Both of them offer counseling services to the public and they run a radio program. I had the opportunity to meet them both and he (the husband) was so happy to see me. He told me that ‘from what we have learned from GSM, we have just been advising the public, you are the real professional counselors.’ They invited me to come and teach in their church.”

Main photo of Cameroon via http://www.flickr.com/photos/plant-trees/2383159830/


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