Samaritans Called To West Africa Now March 6, 2012

Chickens, Computers and Counseling? God does provide for His people. A few short months ago, we didn’t know that God soon would be calling a team to Sierra Leone to fight poverty and develop relationships. God works in amazing ways and now a Samaritan team is serving in West Africa in a collaborative effort to help the people of Sierra Leone. Two goals in the fight against poverty are: first, to introduce new sustainable micro and macro farming innovations; and secondly, in a separate program, to supply computers where needed.

GSM recently aligned with Jerry Tindall of Grow International. Previously having owned his own residential construction business in the Portland area, now Jerry’s vision is about building community through projects and training in Africa.

GSM Executive Director Marty Miller invited Jerry to be empowered and to come on board with GSM to create sustainable farming initiatives. Marty and Jerry recently were invited by Rod Friesen of the Nehemiah Project/Business Entrepreneurship to present products, services, and training that align with Sierra Leone government’s agricultural goals. Jerry’s wife, Erika, also will be joining the team. Innovative ideas about how to raise chickens and to fertilize garden plots will be part of the plan. Arthur Davies, GSM’s National Director in Freetown, Sierra Leone, since 1995, also will be a welcome addition to the team.

On top of that great news—GSM also recently aligned with Dr Paul Jhin (GICS: global computer 500/15 initiative) for deployment of refurbished computers throughout Africa. Dr. Jhin has agreed to support Sierra Leone if the government takes action on the group’s proposals.

Marty shared about this important trip at the annual meeting stating, “I am going with hope for Sierra Leone and in support of Rod and Jerry. I will be presenting Dr. Jhin’s vision for donating computers as well as GSM’s on-going work.”

In Sierra Leone, the team also plans to meet with important agricultural groups including Comprehensive African Agriculture Programme. The country of Sierra Leone is still recovering economically and psychologically from a long civil war. Arthur Davies oversees the nine Samaritan counseling and teaching centers in Sierra Leone.

Arthur said, “Samaritans need to touch the lives of people that the world has discarded or ignored, people who are in pain and need healing.”

If you would like to volunteer to help Good Samaritan Ministries internationally or locally, please email goodsam@gsmusa.org.

photo via http://www.flickr.com/photos/belsymington/4102781100/


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