Family Camp April 17, 2012

Twice a year, GSM offers an outstanding Family Camp for families, singles, and children of all ages to attend.  Fall camp is scheduled for Oct. 12-14 at the Christian Renewal Center (CRC). It’s a pristine area of beautiful fir trees, with a beautiful lodge, chapel, houses, cabins, bookstore and coffee shop. All of the five meals are eaten together in the main lodge as one large group, including GSM staff.  Families sit together, eat together, and stay together in the same housing.  Children have some separate classes by age group while adults have a choice of classes to attend at the same time.  Most of the classes and services are for everyone.  Music services and hymns speak volumes.

All are invited, rain or shine, to participate in a group hike on Saturday to the incredible Silver Falls State Park.  Hike a short ways to Upper North Falls or hike for miles past ten waterfalls.  For those who wish to rest at CRC during the hike, this can be quality time for reading in a quiet place, praying, sipping coffee, taking a short walk, etc.

This Spring (March 30-April 1), the theme for the camp weekend was Joy-Fullness with tremendous teaching from Bettie, Marty and others. Learn how everyone has a voice from the youngest child to the oldest adult.  Feedback says camp is transformational.


Miracles happen when people are brought together for a time of learning, sharing, and healing– Kathy


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