International Day Of Prayer Review June 20, 2012


Each year Samaritans gather for GSM’s International Day of Prayer as 30 countries come together in prayer.  Just imagine a huge, concerted, symphony of prayer for each other and the ministry as a whole,  and you understand the International Day of Prayer.  The first weekend in June is the time Samaritans gather to strengthen the ministries; praying together as one in spirit and in truth.

Beginning at noon on Saturday June 2nd people were encouraged to fast and prepare for prayer at the Beaverton office on Sunday June 3rd.  Many volunteers worked to prepare the offices to become prayer chambers, and the day began with an anointing of the HQ building.  As we entered into each office (prayer chamber) we would find Samaritan leaders, many countries, and the stories and needs for each one available for review.  Even the front reception area was assigned prayer needs.

There is so much to celebrate and to pray for from 6-9am that time literally “flies by.”  It is hard to describe the reverence and connection that comes from knowing people are praying together worldwide.    They shared with us the same theme of “healing prayer” as a spirit led focus for them.

After 3 hours of connecting with the other countries through our prayers, we then enjoyed a time of worship together with song, foot washing, ministry, and then ended our time as we do each year with communion and a luncheon.   This time of prayer and empowerment for the ministries is one of the most important days of the year for Good Samaritan Ministries.  Be sure to join us next year for GSM Int’l Day of Prayer!  You WILL enjoy yourself and make a difference a world away – PRAYER WORKS!


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