Do You See the Children? Teach… July 16, 2012

Good Samaritan Ministries was founded upon a call to teach the children.  Children and their families need Samaritan love today more than ever before. And, helping develop today’s children represents America’s greatest opportunity to build a stronger future for our families, society, and our country.  So, it follows that developing and teaching kids even in small ways, is a GSM global focus.

Will we do it? Do we even know where to begin?  Spending time (we may not think we have), to train children around us, will be the greatest gift you give this year.  The question is not “can we,” but “will we” make the time to share the unspoken, harder  lessons and wisdom?  My encouragement to the ministry is that we are equipped to share, in greater measure, the deep, important concepts kids need to be taught.  We must continue helping children develop a wise conscience, stronger character, leadership skills, personal drive, effectiveness, creativity, finishing things we start, eye contact, spiritual strength, whatever THEIR needs may be.  We can do this!

Bettie Mitchell and I both share this same concern.  She said just today, “…kids today don’t even know they are not getting character development.”  We will continue to build upon our foundational call by building strong foundations with and for our kids.

Over the past several years, a group of men have joined together (from different churches and groups) to bring young boys out into the wilderness. The boys are tested, they are stretched, scared at times, and pushed towards building faith in themselves and God. They are encouraged, affirmed, and taught deep truths, and they love it, ALL.  What’s fascinating is that this is being done with help from men who have had little or no experience from their fathers to draw from.  Must we have experience as a “great parent” to teach character development to kids?  Absolutely NOT! The heart will lead.

I share this concern and vision with you for two reasons.  First, so we are all united behind strengthening this area of our ministry.  Secondly, as a reminder: You have much more to offer than you even know.

Be transformed!  Be empowering!  Be a Samaritan leader and teacher.


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