Seeking Life August 5, 2012

I like to describe “Seeking the kingdom” as a life pursuit and a state of being requiring adventure and gut-level passion. What’s cool and clear evidence of a Kingdom lifestyle is the ongoing renewing and opening of the mind. It may not be easy, but we should have fun along the way. And, if we believe that seeking is an ongoing action, then it follows that seeking God’s kingdom becomes a way of life; a life FULL of action, and falling forward. Have you ever noticed how those who are fired up with kingdom life are absolutely contagious. We are drawn to their passion, yet we can find our own if just MOVE.

As Jesus often stated… he was simply doing what the father was telling him to do. Even as a young boy, he told his mother the same thing. His whole life was a validation of our invitation. Why would we want any substitute alternatives? And, based on what we know to be true about the world, why would we assume this would be anything but a battle?! God wants our attention and affection as any Father would and should. As a friend of mine recently stated, “God’s plan A for us is all that matters. There is NO plan B.” So, why are we willing to accept a plan “F” and a substandard spiritual life?


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