Counseling Brings Healing After Abuse August 6, 2012

Counseling and group therapy significantly improve recovery in the lives of children and adults. For many years, Abuse Recovery Groups have met Mondays (6:30 pm) and Tuesdays (6 pm) in Beaverton.  Some who have experienced healing have written their stories in “Times of Terror,” Book Five in the “To Know Jesus” Series (Order by email goodsam@gsmusa.org).

Here’s one story: “In 8 th grade, my uncle came to our house. He took me to a place I didn’t know. There were some other men there. I was drugged. I was half awake, but I could see what they did to me. They all violently abused me. I remember losing my breath. I called out for Jesus in my mind. Jesus was there and I could actually see the angels in the room; they showed me how to breathe. I thought I was going to die… a feeling of shame took over.”

Years later, after receiving GSM counseling and deep healing from this painful memory, she writes, “I am seeing with different eyes. I feel so relaxed. Jesus has healed me. I can think clearer. I have peace I have never felt in my life. The fear I carried is gone. I am free.” In the USA, abuse statistics paint an ugly picture. One in three girls is sexually abused before 18 years of age. One in seven boys is sexually abused before 18 years of age. An abuser might be anyone in a position of trust. It’s reported that 66 percent of victims don’t tell anyone until adulthood, if ever. Victims experience shame, self-blame, loneliness, guilt, worthlessness, poor self-esteem, and often see themselves as unlovable.

GSM offers a way out of victim mentality on a journey to wholeness and joy through counseling, group therapy, and serving others. Come find healing from abuse, personal struggles and relational problems at GSM centers locally and internationally. Thank you for supporting GSM. Thank you for praying for God to bring His angels of grace and mercy to lead us on the journey to healing.


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