Counseling Brings Couple Closer Than Ever August 13, 2012

Sharing our stories can bring hope and healing to others. Life brings unexpected challenges. We are not alone. Do you have ears to hear Ed and Lou’s story?

After 28 years of working for Tektronix, Ed was laid off in 2010. Ed and his wife, Lou, faced even more challenges when he was hospitalized for severe depression and anxiety about six months later. After the two-week hospital stay and a short outpatient program, he was advised to go to counseling but they had no money to pay for it.

Good Samaritan Ministries was recommended to the them both by the hospital and a pastor’s wife they knew. They began attending a grief therapy group where they learned how to deal with the job loss and the loss of “the life we had planned.” Also, by attending DBT Skills classes, Lou reports, “We were able to learn many skills that are helping us to learn to regulate our emotions, to handle distress, and to learn to communicate better (interpersonal effectiveness).”  With individual and couple counseling, Ed is learning how to enjoy life again, how to handle stress, and how to share feelings.

“After 40 years of marriage, we are closer than we ever were and we’ve found we’re not too old to make changes,” Lou said. “Because of GSM, we now have the skills that will help us get through the unexpected recent news that Ed is facing new major health issues. We now can identify old ways that didn’t work and we’re learning new ways to deal with stress. problems and interaction with each other. We are in a much better place emotionally.” “We’re so grateful for the role GSM has had in our lives. We encourage anyone who is Struggling to reach out and benefit from all that GSM has to offer.

—Ed and Lou


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