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Counseling Changes Lives, Saves Marriages September 4, 2012

Many people find themselves at a crisis point: “My wife and I were having marital issues, issues with communication.  I had moved out of our home because of the turmoil.  I was having trouble with my wife and my two boys, and my oldest son would not even acknowledge me.  I was away for about three months.  I was on a downhill spiral, drinking and drowning myself in alcohol.”

So, where do people go who don’t have the money or don’t understand the value of going to a counselor?

Good Samaritan Ministries (GSM) offers hope, love and encouragement without a fee.  More than 200 hours of appointments are offered per week.  It is a charitable ministry, so giving a $1 or $500 donation is entirely voluntary.

At GSM, it’s not uncommon to hear what Edsel said this year, “This place saved me.  It saved my marriage, my family, and my life.”  Edsel explains: “My wife and I had tried to work things out.  She found GSM.  We started counseling with GSM in 2009, and our counselor was wonderful.”  Recently, Edsel attended the Communication & Boundaries class with Jim Peterson & Rick Collins.  “I sat there in the class taking notes.  Everything the instructor was talking about was exactly what I was dealing with.  I realized that I don’t communicate.  I don’t speak much, and usually I speak in anger.”

What’s different about talking to someone at GSM?  “I can start off new here.  This is a place I know I can come and be me.  Judgement truly does drop at the door at GSM,” Edsel says.  “Any group at GSM is life changing due to the openness in communication, sharing and acceptance.  You feel a real sense of community.  Just even coming here is healing – the atmosphere, the people.  It makes me realize that there’s turmoil in everyone’s life.”

Perhaps it’s time for you or someone you know to make an appointment and/or stop by for a group of class. 

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