Brain Thought Life Dr. Caroline Leaf Good Samaritan Ministries Portland Oregon

Consider THE REALITY of Toxic Thoughts October 17, 2012

Toxic Thoughts Dr. Caroline Leaf Good Samaritan Ministries Portland OregonDo negative thoughts cause physical pain?

Brain neuroscientist, Dr.  Caroline Leaf, addressed this topic at Multnomah University.  Good Samaritan Ministries and other “kingdom focused” ministries collaborated to bring Dr. Leaf to teach in Portland.  As a devout Christian and nationally recognized speaker, Dr. Leaf has studied the exciting and amazing physiological connections between thought life and health.  New scientific studies and research confirm the truths of God’s word.  Dr. Leaf explained when it comes to our thought life, we are actually able to help our brain heal itself!  This is the way  God created man.  As a man thinks, so is he.  We were created to be full of joy, loving, positive, relational creatures.

During three powerful sessions, Dr. Leaf explained how negative thoughts manifest in our physical lives.  And she explained the scientific impact of prayer, forgiveness, and taking our negative thinking captive every day.  A packed house learned how a focused brain that is positive is healthier, keeps us balanced and is happier.  Great tools were shared: but it was not just about the fascinating information, it was also a time of healing and activation.  For more information be sure to visit Dr. Leaf’s website.


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