Serving Cheerfully, Esther Welcomes You October 21, 2012

Volunteer Spotlight: Esther

It’s 5:05 pm. The phone is ringing. People are standing in line waiting to make appointments. Yet, she remains calm and friendly working the night shift with Mike. Ester Sink has been working as a volunteer receptionist for one shift a week at GSM since 1983. For nearly 30 years, she serves cheerfully as she welcomes people at the front desk.

She is dearly loved and appreciated. A house full of people recently celebrated her 90th Birthday with her. She received a Samaritan award years ago recognizing her hospitality as an encouraging follower of Jesus. She has volunteered in various capacities during the past 30 years including as a lay counselor, GSM International Board member. Ester currently serves with the Widows & Orphans Satellite.

“She’s such an inspiration. She never complains,” says Karen Wagner, front desk manager. “And she’s extremely reliable, here week after week. She’s rarely sick.”

Ester has seen the ministry grow by word of mouth. ”This ministry can stretch a penny farther than any ministry I know,” she says. “They have such integrity with finances, very frugal.”

She has been faithful to a call to love your neighbor and to help others. “It’s hard to imagine how many people have been helped over the years, …thousands… (at GSM),” she said.

“Even at 90 years old, she’s eager to learn new things,” says Karen. “She is learning to use the computer mouse so she can continue working as a receptionist using our new scheduling software program.”

Recently, the Beaverton counseling office received ear-marked donations to update to an easy electronic scheduling program replacing the old way (pencil and color-coded pages of a thick scheduling book).

Volunteer Receptionists are needed Monday through Friday for morning, mid-day or evening shifts of 4 to 5 hours. Email goodsam@gsmusa.org to find out more about these opportunities.

Meet Esther in the office or at the GSM Widows & Orphans Tea Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012 at Calvary Chapel in Hillsboro. RSVP for reservations and directions, call 503-624-6372. It’s a fundraiser to provide basic needs for widows and orphans locally and internationally.


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