Triumphant Survivors November 15, 2012

Are you a Triumphant Survivor?

Triumphant survivors of major trauma show common traits as researched by psychologist Dr. Anne Kaiser Stearns and reported in her book “Coming Back: Rebuilding Lives After Crisis and Loss.”

Victims generally fit into three groups:

1) Defeatists – Victims broken by experiences, and were never the same.
2) Survivors – Victims who came through hardship.
3) Triumphant Survivors – Victims whose crisis was the defining period of their life, leaving them stronger, wiser, and more focused than previously.

Triumphant Survivors.  This third group found the positive purpose in their pain, possessing these traits.

  • Optimism—cultivating a positive attitude even admidst the most difficult circumstances.
  • Determination—committed to moving forward.
  • Flexibility—adapting to the unexpected.
  • Growth—learning and growing everyday
  • Responsibility—not blaming, taking personal responsibility, choosing action and joy.
  • Planning—thinking ahead on how to respond to changes and transitions.
  • Laughter—finding humor, permission to LOL
  • Faith—anchored in God.


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