What Does Our Love Look Like For 2013? January 8, 2013


As we move into 2013 and after avoiding both a fiscal cliff and a world ending apocalypse (underwhelming as it was), we should be feeling pretty good right? Many have enjoyed eating a bit too much of the “stuff” they usual try to avoid (myself included) and have had the chance to get a few days of overdue rest. (revised:) Perhaps we can find a few minutes for reflection and looking ahead. deletle: Where did 2012 go? Regardless of all other concerns, the big question is this – What does our love look like for 2013?

2013 is sure to bring challenges and blessings for Samaritans around the world. Abundant blessings because we operate in God’s kingdom with the amazing privilege of sharing his love through our actions. Interestingly, many challenges can come from these same kingdom purposes. Being a part of God’s plan and sharing his love both sound easy, yet they challenge even the strongest Christian. So I encourage you towards bold love for others in the year ahead.

The kingdom lifestyle of a Samaritan is one of both choice and calling. Each Samaritan chooses to engage in loving others and does so without agenda or expectation of reward. To be honest, that choice is often a hard and costly one. It is the spirit inside us however that calls us to love like this… “‽” This symbol is called an interrobang and can be found old typewriters. (For you younger kids, typewriters were mechanical devices used for communication.) The interrobang represents awesomeness and wonder wrapped together, which is exactly what love often times looks like. God designed us all to be positive, loving creatures that are powered by peace, joy, and crazy love. Love like Jesus and you will find yourself overflowing with Peace and Joy in 2013. And you may just come into a new understanding of what “LOVE” is all about.


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