Lucy’s Story of Healing and Forgiveness January 15, 2013

Lucy* is glad that she decided to come to counseling at Good Samaritan Ministries..  When she looks back to five or more years ago, she describes herself as the poster child of victim mentality.  Since then, she sees how counseling has been beneficial.  “I took responsibility for how my ‘victim’ thinking was negatively affecting me and others.  I started seeing a different reality and became accountable for my role.”

Her counselor at GSM said he sees a liberated Lucy.  She has fought off negative thoughts like “I’m going to fail.”  After a divorce, she needed to find work.  She began as a caregiver.  Now, she works as an activity program coordinator for senior residents with memory loss.  She is living a life of freedom and compassion.

Lucy says, “I’m thankful I never lost hope.  I have learned that intimate relationships require that we accept each other and forgive each other.”

Her personal  journey of  healing involved looking back at her experiences of childhood abuse.  “I’m thankful that God has been with me during this journey.  God has validated me.  I know I’m imperfect.  I don’t have to be perfect to receive His love.  It’s unconditional.”

She now realizes that she was dependent on validation from others.  (Lucy is not her real name.) She blamed herself for her husband’s affairs.  She doesn’t blame herself for everything anymore.  She’s more accepting.  “I can’t change anyone,” she says.  “And, I have entered into forgiveness without having to hear an apology.”

Lucy might even say, “It’s never too late to live happily ever after.”

*Lucy is not her name and she is not pictured.


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