New Life After Coke Addiction January 23, 2013

No client is the same as another.  Each person and each couple is unique. Counselors at GSM meet with thousands of clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Recently, one couple shared their story of reconciliation after a divorce. (We’ll call them Adam and Eve.) They are celebrating the love in their hearts for each other. They were remarried recently after being divorced since 2003 when one partner was addicted to crack cocaine.  For this couple, the 10-year journey from active addiction to reconciliation involved divorce; Adam going to rehab; and Eve coming to GSM for classes and counseling over the years. Then Eve came to a class last winter at GSM called “Enriching Relationships, A Pathway to More Meaningfully Connecting.” They weren’t dating at the time. They had wanted to be together but had given up hope of relating to each other in new ways, other than arguing or stonewalling. The class described relational patterns, where couples get stuck. During class, Eve saw their pattern vividly. She went straight to Adam’s home after class and asked for forgiveness. They began dating after discovering where they were stuck and how they could relate to each other differently.  They came in for couples counseling for six months before deciding to marry again.

What are some of the difficulties you have overcome?

Abuse, alcohol and drug addictions, HIV and unemployment

How have GSM classes and counseling sessions helped you reach your goals?

“It helps us get a fresh perspective. We have learned to accept each other’s uniqueness, and not be critical.  We are committed to the relationship and to continuing counseling for one year now that we remarried.”

Before they remarried in December, they both had been coming to couples counseling with Ben, our newest staff member who has an MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from George Fox University and specializes primarily with couples and families.  Previously, Eve also had attended a co-dependency group and the class based on the book “Why Don’t We Listen Better?”

What has changed in your life?

“We both are employed.  We are communicating, trusting and sharing on a deeper level.”


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