Look Again May 6, 2013

Have you ever experienced that wonderful moment when you recognized that you comprehend a concept completely?  That moment of perfect satisfaction, aaaahhhh,, I get it!    For those of us who love learning it is a profound elixir and a place of rest.  Thank God it doesn’t last too long for the desire of His heart is for us to come closer to Him by learning more of Him.  Each new revelation lights up my life.  I am moved to share with you one of these closer moments.

For those of you who do not know me, I have been engaged in cross-cultural service for the sake of the Kingdom of God for the past 33 years.   I have studied and lived the Bible story of the Samaritan for all those years.  I can’t count how many times we have dramatized it in the ministry of GSM.  Over and over, playing different parts in the tale, receiving insights and living out the Truth of them.  It has been a very freeing experience.  This has been a true challenge to surrender all prejudice and perception of success to my Lord and Teacher Jesus.  The hymn cries out “remold and make me” and I have some sense of what those words mean.

A few weeks ago that sense increased greatly.  This time it was through a dream.  In the dream, we were having a family gathering at an Inn.  It was in a beautiful sunny room and the party had begun to end.  The family was drifting away slowly to their own homes and some of us began to thank our host who had come into the room to say good-bye.  We began to thank him profusely for his incredible hospitality and then I became playfully sarcastic and spoke the opposite of the truth saying “Yes, it was so terrible.”  The host embraced my face with his hands and placed his forehead against mine.  I quieted immediately and my heart began to burn.  I recognized He was the Christ, our Lord. And the dream ended.

Wow!  The Inn is God’s House in which there are many rooms that He has prepared for us.  The Samaritan took the victim to His Father’s House where all was prepared for him.  This partnership reflects “the Way” that Jesus spoke of to his disciples described in John 14.  Jesus was the Samaritan, the man of unorthodox religion, who was willing to pay the first cost for the victim, assisted by His Father for the long term care of the same, and willing to come again to complete the cost of it all.  He told His disciples that they knew the “Way”.  He revealed this to them as they traveled to the tomb and recognized through Him the effort made fruitful no matter the cost.  He gave time, He gave first-aid, He gave connection, He gave supply, He gave promise.  He was doing what He saw His Father doing, supplying all that was needed.

I am now on a road of service that is no longer my own but that of my Lord and My Father.  I see Life in new Light.  There is only one House and it is my Father’s, one host and it is my Father, one work to assist those for a time rendered unable to help themselves, one goal to provide the hospitality prepared for me and for them, and continued concern as opportunity occurs.   Jesus said ”FOLLOW ME”

PERHAPS WE’LL MEET ALONG THE WAY.      Blessings, Elsa Jane


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