A mother's day story of getting her son help

Leah & Sam’s Story May 9, 2013

GSM is a place where children have the opportunity to learn how to express their emotions in a healthy way and mothers find support. Leah and her son, Samuel, age 7, came in for counseling because he was crying, screaming and saying he wanted to kill himself. Samuel was being bullied at school and Leah did not know how to help him.

At GSM Samuel learned to express himself with play therapy where toys become language tools. Samuel’s mom also learned skills, “My counselor helped me to know how to respond to my son when he was so miserable, crying and screaming. He taught me how to talk to him, how to calm him and how to use play therapy.

My son is doing much better now. I’m eternally grateful for the counseling my family has received at GSM. I can’t say enough good things about our counselor and the staff in the Beaverton office.”

Your support of GSM is pivotal in allowing us to provide this care.  Your donation of $130 will provide 2 hours of life changing counseling.  Good Samaritan provides 529+ Hours counseling per month.

We are here to meet the needs of mothers and families in our community and it is made possible because of donations from individuals like you. We appreciate your support and prayers.  – Marty Miller, GSM Executive Director


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