Look Again: The Many Rooms June 24, 2013

There are many thoughts we have each day that we take for granted.  Sometimes a new thought can penetrate the usual and wake us up, so to speak.  That happened to me in church on Sunday.  In my church we have a practice called “quiet time”.  It was during this time of seeking the Lord that I had a new thought penetrate the old.  I was thinking of the Samaritan story from the perspective of the Inn being God’s house and hearing  the Scripture “In My Father’s house are many rooms….(John 14:2), and I was startled by the concept that came in the form of this question, “Could it be that you are one of those rooms?”  And then my heart and mind were flooded with the many times over the years that I have sat with others and opened myself to listen to their hearts and minds and to search with them for a clearer path to Peace.  As I pondered this thought the idea expanded to how many times others have done the same for me.  Could it be that we are blessed to be living in God’s House every day as we encounter one another?  How wonderful it is when the Father challenges his children with awe!
Every time I open my heart and mind to the perception of Heaven and Earth as one I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit of God move deeper in my being.  Perhaps that is what Jesus meant when He said from the cross “It is finished.” (John19:30). The separation was over and the Oneness restored.  His words are so profound.  Slowly, in our lives, the layers of Truth in His words are revealed.  Oh, what an adventure we live with Him when we are wherever He is.


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