Are We Living In an “Ish” Relationship With God? July 2, 2013

If there was ever a time to check in with our commitment to follow Jesus, His ways, and His teachings, it is now.

So let’s all check in, how ARE we doing? Does Jesus have more for us? When someone else asks how we’re doing, in passing we might say, “Good”… “I’m doin’ pretty good.” We may even say “GREAT” even though we may be facing uncertainties in our life or even struggling. We usually have something good to base that on. And, we have Jesus, right!?

Yet, deep check-ins offer us for a moment to actually look deeper into our potential. Sure, the journey deeper may reveal some “ish,” but this is about what God has for us beyond whatever we see!

Easter reminds us how far God was willing to go for us. Are we willing to do the same for Him?… for others?… for those who don’t deserve it? So let’s check-in.

“Is there more for us?” Deeper still, “is there any ish-ness in my heart keeping me from MORE of God in my life?” We go deep, not just to see our ish-ues, but again, let’s ask, seek, and knock for what God offers beyond what we discover. “Ish-ness” is wishy-washiness or half-heartedness  with God and others. So, I challenge us each to ask, “Lord, where is my ish-ness?”

And, to get us started, here are a few examples of being “ishy”:
1) Love-ish: That is when we take the UN out of unconditional love. Keeping it comfy is always easier right? Love can be messy and very costly.
2) Sacricficial-ish: Yes God, but you know I can’t really give THAT up. And if giving THAT up is  going to cost that much in my life, you wouldn’t want THAT from me… right?… God?… you there?
3) Forgive-ish: This is when people forgive others, well mostly… “ Yep, I forgave them ‘cause it was what they needed to hear… or ‘cause I still need them, but I’m still a little upset.”
4) Follow-ish: “Yes, Lord, I will follow you, but it’s going to have to be on my terms mostly, thanks for agreeing and understanding… you know how busy I can get.”
5) Bold-ish: “I will talk to people in church about my faith or GSM, but if I’m not sure they are Christians, or I’m out in public… well, awkwardness is not my thing.”
6) Faith-ish: “Of course I believe… well, sometimes and usually after I see something happen or get what I ask for.”

Too many today are running the edge of being Kingdomish minded, or barely engaging with God at all. And if we are really honest, many of us spend our time negotiating in our walk with God, or worse, living with “ish” in our relationship with Him. This personal check in is based on serious transparency, and I bring this up because we might be so distracted by ish-ness that we can’t see there is MORE! So pray – ask, seek, and knock. And be encouraged because there is always MORE for us, and Jesus wants us to have more of Him (and less “ish”). Truth is, there is no such thing as forgivishness in the Kingdom of God.


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