The Choice To Be A Samaritan July 2, 2013


It is not an easy choice to choose to be a Samaritan. It is a hard road we have chosen. I pray for great courage for all Samaritans around world. I pray for deep joy and laughter even in the midst of the hard work and pain. I know that God will complete the work that he has started in each one of our lives. I believe him for great things in each one of us.

I pray that you will feel his presence deeply. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, the Samaritan shared what he had, risked his own safety, changed his plans, gave his money and his time to help a stranger, and was willing to come back later and do more, if it was needed. He was full of mercy and compassion. Jesus told us to go and do the same.

This is the call we have heard. You are to go and do the same. The price we pay is our time, our money….convenience, and may be even our safety. It means that every moment of every day we must be watching for the wounded ones on the side of the road, people in need of mercy and compassion. We must be ready to listen to their cries, to help heal their wounds, and to pour out the love of God. We must never get too busy to see, to stop and to care.

I have found too that it means listening to the cries from all over the world. As we pray, the Spirit will bring to us the cries of the world. We pay the price in prayer, carrying the wounded around the world to the throne of God. We carry each other’s burdens. In the Spirit, we come alongside those with heavy burdens and we bear the burdens with them.

I pray for great comfort and peace when things seem too much. May you always feel your Heavenly Father’s arms holding you and may you always hear him whispering his love for you. God bless you all.Your friend and fellow Samaritan, Francis

Photo above is of Pastor Augustin, a GSM Center Director in Rwanda, who acted as a self-sacrificing chauffeur and tour guide for American Samaritan Terri W. from Kennewick, Wash. trip. Photo shows the land his congregation hopes to build a church on. The trail behind leads to a GSM preschool located in the Nagatovu village in the Kimronko sector, Gasavo District of the Province of Kigali.


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