Look Again: Is God Compassionate? August 13, 2013

Why were the Samaritan people living in Samaria in ~30 AD labeled as impure Jews? I have been told that the religious Jews judged the Samaritans because they saw them as impure, violent, and unworthy because they were no respecters of the religious Law. Yet, Jesus described the Samaritan who helped the victim, who had been beaten and abandoned on the road, as an example of all that is good in Man!

Was the Samaritan empowered by what he knew of God, that God is compassionate? How could that be true? Remember they were seen as a violent people. Or was this Samaritan empowered by God himself? Whose compassion moved him? Our PERCEPTION of God’s compassion and God’s compassion itself are mightily different. We cannot imagine God or even an attribute of God. It is by His revelation of Himself that we know of Him and can follow. There is reason in this truth.

It is in full knowledge of our inability to be Good that we move in the revelation of His goodness. It is in this manner that we receive and move in true humility. Action taken in any other spirit than the recognition of our own humanity (sin nature) is to invite darkness into His Light in us. That is not the desire of our Father’s heart for us. His plan is that His provision comes from Him directly or through others empowered by Him. He has no desire to sustain us with mixed blessing. It is from Him alone that Life continues to come.

The Samaritan is impure. The Compassion he exercised was pure. “Sent by God” is the word that comes to mind. Life freely given and gratefully received is the result for all. Again, we see the cost paid by His light in the midst of the man’s darkness. The Samaritan and the man he saved were served by the very presence of the Living God, each according to his need. Salvation is ongoing even as conversion is happening. We must remain aware that the struggle to serve the Lord faithfully is to surrender our perception of good for His very own Goodness. In this way we (those healed and those about to be healed) are lifted up into His grace and His Kingdom is further revealed on earth to us all. We are His people empowered by His very Presence.

Many years after I completed my core Samaritan training at GSM, I continue to be changed from within. Many years after serving and giving as a Samaritan locally and internationally, I continue to be changed from within. I ask myself– am I open and prepared to be filled by God at any given time? Is true humility present in me? At all times, am I aware of my weakness and need for His Holy Presence? Oh, Lord, open our minds to You, that we may more fully receive and reveal Your Way here on earth. Thy Kingdom come.

God bless our souls.

Elsa Jane


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