LOOK AGAIN: Is There Ever Harmony in the Midst of Disharmony? September 12, 2013

Imagine encountering God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit who united them. I, for one, would be speechless, wholly focused and eventually full of wonder and questions. The questions would be a long time coming. Being speechless and focused would be immediate. The Samaritan was experiencing a similar circumstance. He was moving in communion with the Lord God Almighty.

Earth and Heaven were created to move in harmony. The Samaritan story illustrates that harmony. When we lose our focus on the communion that is present and recognizable for followers of Jesus we make choices based on our thoughts of goodness not in Goodness itself. The Samaritan moved in the Spirit of true Goodness at the risk of his own life. In essence, he laid his life down for the sake of one who was losing his. Jesus was teaching the concept of life-sustaining communion, the source being Heaven and the focus earth. He was revealing the path or, as we say, the Way to follow Him. 

Harmony is so beautiful. We experience the harmony of music as a chief community builder. It holds a prominent place in worship. Harmony can be experienced in everyday activity. Even in the midst of negative experience we can seek a moment of harmony from within in our relationships and in our faith in God’s goodness, eyes to see and ears that hear.

The Samaritan story (Luke 10: 25-37) is a story of traumatic betrayal and loss of security. Yet in the midst of this life and death situation the Holy Spirit moves one person to reveal Goodness at a profound level. Disharmony fractured by the harmony of compassion which surprised and restored peace. As we prayed recently at GSM Sept 7 about the situation in Syria I was moved to settle on this request to our Lord: for a “just peace” to be the outcome of the disharmony that was filling the world over the atrocity in Syria. Can you hear the harmony in that word “just peace”? Only the Living God would know what a just peace would be. I have settled into that word so firmly that it seems the correction of the nations has already begun. God’s will is so beautiful when heard from its source. Heaven knows and earth is blessed. Lord, open our hearts to hear Heaven bless earth.

Blessings to you all, Elsa Jane


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