A GSM Counseling Testimony: Everyone Is Welcome September 24, 2013

A good friend recommended GSM because it doesn’t require payments (donation-based) and because it is Christ-centered. Before I retired from teaching, an international student came to me seeking help for a personal problem. I knew she needed more professional help than I could give. Although the student was not Christian, she felt safe and comfortable there. She asked if I would sit with her during her counseling sessions. I agreed, and I concluded that if I ever needed counseling, GSM would be my choice. Some years later, a personal need did indeed arise and I immediately contacted GSM.  Recently, I received counseling services again as life’s challenges arose.

GSM has been the best place for me because it helped me address my concerns from a spiritual as well as a psychological perspective. In counseling services I’d received before, I usually felt left on my own between sessions. At GSM, my counselor’s offer to pray with or for me at the end of each session was so valuable, encouraging and supportive through difficult times.


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