Prayer Warriors Needed September 25, 2013

Trusting our Heavenly Father with our prayer requests is central to our Christian faith. Let’s pray for each other and the wounded, hurting and lonely ones. Please see the new prayer tab on the home page of our website or email prayer requests to prayer@gsmusa.org. You are invited to submit prayer requests to the Samaritan Team of Prayer Warriors and to pray with us. Here are some suggestions for praying for the Middle East. Samaritan leaders around the world are praying with us.

Ten Points of Prayer for Syria and the Middle East:

1. First of all, let us recognize the nature of the conflict. It is not just between two warring factions. Behind it is the Prince of Darkness who seeks to steal, to kill, and
to destroy. As Paul wrote to the Ephesians, “We wrestle not against flesh and blood—but against principalities and powers.”

2. Second, we need to understand that there are many Christians in Syria who are caught in the crossfire. Already 47 churches have been destroyed. Al Qaeda rebels have threatened Christians telling them that they will be killed and driven out of Syria as soon as they win the war. According to reports 2 million Syrians have already fled. A refugee camp in Jordan is now the fourth largest city in Jordan.

3. Third, we need to pray for the lives of innocent victims. War is always messy and already 100,000 have died—many of them needlessly. Pray for the killing to stop –and comfort for those who have lost their friends, family members, children.

4. We need to pray for world leaders who are debating whether or not to strike Syria with bombs and missiles. Pray for Obama (even if you don’t agree with him) and the US Congress as they debate further action. May God give them wisdom to know the right thing to do.

5. We need to pray for Syrian President al-Assad. He also is in a very difficult position.

6. As we pray for Syria, we should not forget the violence and political chaos in Sudan and Egypt. We hope that radical Islamic beliefs will not be shared by the majority of people in power. Radical Islam condones and encourages the persecution of Christians and has other serious political implications in the Middle East.

7. We should pray for the peace of Israel in all of this – for behind the scenes, there are masterminds at work want to radicalize Islam so that Israel may be driven into the sea. Remember that Iran is building its nuclear stockpile with weapons aimed at Israel.

8. Pray that this conflict will not escalate and draw other nations into the conflict.

9. Above all, pray that, even in all this chaos, God will use these difficult events to
bring many people to Himself and strengthen the church.

10. Pray for the soon return of the Prince of Peace. ONLY when He returns, will we truly have lasting peace in this world.

… Add your own requests as the Spirit of God leads you in your prayers.


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