WWII Memories Compel Shoe Collections September 26, 2013

The Good Samaritan Ministries program to recyle and donate used shoes aims to raise funds to empower people to overcome difficulties by offering donation-based counseling and teaching.

When Brunhilde Daniels heard that Good Samaritan Ministries needed help with collecting shoes, she said, “I just have to help. I know what it is like to go barefoot. I can feel the pain like it was yesterday. It hurt so much when my feet were frost-bitten during WWII. It was so painful to run for our lives across the cut cornfields.”

Her eyes still light up when she tells the story of when she received her first pair of shoes. That’s another part of her story of God’s grace and protection. She has shared her story with teenagers at Sherwood High School, as well as other schools, churches, and Christian retreats. As she sat talking at the GSM international headquarters and counseling center in Beaverton recently, she said, “I’ve seen so many miracles.”
Brunhilde remembers: “Because of the war-time bombing and fires, soldiers with guns demanded that we leave our home in the middle of the night. My brother and I were young. We had no time to gather shoes or get dressed. My mother had no time to bring the stroller down from the third-floor apartment. We left barefoot during the winter in Poland and walked for days…cold and tired.”

Someday, people can read her story in the book she is writing. Brunhilde has painful memories of watching her baby brother die from starvation. Later, when she was separated from both of her parents, staying in an orphanage, she remembers that they didn’t have enough shoes for all the children. Good Samaritan Ministries helps people recover from traumatic experiences by offering donation-based counseling and teaching. To benefit GSM locally and internationally, Brunhilde plans to help collect shoes in Beaverton, and at the church where she attends, Grace Point Community Church, Tigard. Her son and his wife, David and Leny Daniels of Hillsboro, plan to help. And, we have Adam Harrison as our lead coordinator ready to bring energy and vision!

If you would like to help with the GSM Shoe Drive, please call the office, 503-644-2339, and bring your shoes to GSM, 7929 SW Cirrus Dr., Beaverton OR 97008, (drop site & warehouse) or

email shoes@gsmusa.org                                          Link to:  Shoes Poster  Link to Shoe Drive flyer


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