Who Are We? October 22, 2013

We are a group of Samaritans answering a call to compassion with action.

At Good Samaritan Ministries, counselors and volunteers come near the wounded, hurt and lonely ones, people who need help. Because of God’s call and provision for this ministry, we are here to walk with all people through the changing seasons of their lives, regardless of their ability to pay or give.

Why? God’s Kingdom develops each person and their potential. Remember the Samaritan story recorded for generations in the Bible (Luke 10:25-37)? Jesus shared a story of a man on a journey, who suffered a brutal attack. He was stripped and beaten. After suffering the attack, he was abandoned, not just by his attackers, but by those who had the means to help but didn’t help. They looked past the person and walked on by. Then, a Samaritan man, stopped on the road and came near to the man. He saw him with compassionate eyes, as Jesus would see anyone in crisis. (“When Jesus saw the crowds, He had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” Matthew 9:36 NIV.) So what are GSM Samaritans doing to demonstrate this story?

At GSM centers, people are loved and challenged as we look to develop the whole person. Many are freed from their current circumstances onto a new path. Everyday lives are transformed in Oregon and around the world. In 2012, 38 counselors serving at our local Beaverton and Tualatin offices, met with 726 clients during 4,708 counseling sessions. Most of the clients had little or no ability to pay. And this is JUST ONE OFFICE! We continue to lift our praises for what God does each year, and each and every day.

This ministry is ONE under His call and leadership. Please let us know how you as a member of the our Samaritan team would like to support GSM’s mission: “Empowering people to live and love as Good Samaritans.” Hear the Samaritan call to pray, to volunteer, to learn, to serve with int’l support/satellite, and, to consider becoming a financial partner.

Learn More: Bring a friend and come in for a tour of any of our GSM counseling centers. You can also join Samaritan & Counselor CORE training 3 Saturdays this fall at GSM-Beaverton. See the calendar for dates. Or read more about the Samaritan call through any one of GSM Founder Bettie Mitchell’s six books available online at Amazon.com including Something Worth Saving. The Samaritan life is full of blessing!


Good Samaritan Ministries is a 501c(3) tax-exempt nonprofit.
Address: 7929 SW Cirrus Dr # 23, Beaverton, OR 97008