Do You See As The Samaritan Saw… The Man On The Road? November 5, 2013

Stressed-out families, angry marriage partners, people experiencing deep loneliness, desperation, extreme grief, trauma, life- threatening depression, and/or personal anxiety come through the doors of the our Beaverton headquarters office of Good Samaritan Ministries every day.  We hear and see the needs. 

A survey response from our summer newsletter came in with a brief comment on the bottom.  “I could not survive without GSM.”

Yet, a large majority of those in need are unable to provide sustaining donations.  In 2013, donation support is coming up short for the many people coming into GSM offices. The time is now to help GSM, and to impact our community. We need compassionate Samaritans to joyfully step in to provide donation support in the form of client sponsorship.

The need for on-going Client Support is significant. We all want to see clients experience breakthrough healing and empowerment. Will you join us in sponsoring client sessions by sharing just half of the cost of services?  Providing monthly support for a client breakthrough for just $30 a session can change a life forever! We need Breakthough Partners like you for 1,2,3 or 4 sessions a month, and so does your community.

Although many would say GSM provides “free” counseling, it’s actually donation-supported counseling. Our hourly hard cost of $60/hr represents our basic overhead including professional counselor supervision, lights, rent, etc. We need your help to continue providing about 6,500 counseling sessions per year in our Beaverton/Tualatin offices.

Lucy (not her real name) is glad that she decided to come to counseling at Good Samaritan Ministries.  As a result of counseling she received at GSM, she says: “I took responsibility for how my ‘victim’ thinking was negatively affecting me and others.  I started seeing a different reality and became accountable for my role.”

Lucy’s personal journey of healing involved looking back at her experiences of childhood abuse.  She says, “I’m thankful that God has been with me during this journey.  God has validated me.  I know I’m imperfect.  I don’t have to be perfect to receive His love.  It’s unconditional.”

How amazing to hear stories from clients. As a Breakthrough Partner, and client sponsor, you will receive personal stories of hope and healing from our clients as they share them.

Do we see the person in need?   Do you see as the Samaritan saw …the man on the road? Will you become a Breakthrough Partner and client sponsor today? Donate online or call Sam at 503-644-2339. link:  Changes 2014

P.S. Read more stories of client testimonies on our website under the counseling tab.


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