Veterans Outreach December 3, 2013

On November 30th, GSM in collaboration with Seaport Auto took a truckload of items out to homeless veterans and KATU news was there to cover this outreach effort.  Veterans received cold weather supplies and personal items including boots, sleeping bags, toiletries and more!  Good Samaritan Ministries provides the kinds of services that help people work through difficulties and hard times.  The head and heart are are areas where GSM provides incredible support on a donation basis, but Saturday was about reaching out to veterans in a practical way to meet physical needs.  So why Veterans?

  • A new Yale University study of recent veterans participating in the Housing and Urban Development-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUDVASH) program found a lack of care for those suffering from PTSD.
  • The Center for American Progress reports that according to unpublished 2011 US Bureau of Labor Statistics data, 30.2 percent of veterans age 18 to 24 were unemployed.
  • Conservative estimates state that veterans are much more likely than the population at large to suffer from homelessness, comprising 23 percent of the homeless population.

Over 35 Veterans received badly needed winter gear and supplies this Saturday thanks to GSM and Seaport Auto.  It was an honor to thank them as they thanked us!  Remember you can help Good Samaritan Ministries continue to reach those in need by providing a yearend tax deductible donation.

Finally, a big thank you to Eric, Julie, Mike, and the whole crew from Seaport Auto who helped load and move the supplies to downtown Portland!



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