Look Again: Contentment December 20, 2013

Do you think of robbery only as someone acting to take your possessions from you by force? Today we are going to look again at the Samaritan parable as
it might apply to robbery in our daily lives.

I have been considering the subject of contentment for some days now. After all, the holiday seasons seem to breed a lot of discontent. It is a wonder that we call Christmas a season of great joy yet we often find ourselves highly stressed. So let’s look at the Samaritan parable (Luke 10:25-37) from the perception of the robbers. One thing the robbers possessed was a large quantity of discontent, so much so that they chose to take by force all of another man’s possessions along with his contentment.

Let’s imagine the traveler, having worked long and hard amassing enough produce, going to market to exchange this produce for profit. He most likely was full to the brim with contentment as he looked forward to the completion of his task. Life was so good! And then, in a few moments of time, physical strength, produce and contentment are lost and he is reduced to only a cry for help. The possessions can be replaced, not easily, but probably. The question is, what about his contented heart? Could this be the most serious loss and the most difficult one to replace?

In the Kingdom of God on earth we are in charge of our physical and spiritual response in the world. Spiritually we determine the level of discontentor contentment we have at any given moment. Sometimes someone or something tries to steal control of this strength we have in order to destroy it. King Solomon said “there is a time for war and a time for peace”(Eccles 3:8). So, in your life, who declares the time for either of these? As we choose daily to follow Christ we share responsibility for our discontentment (war) and our contentment (peace) with the Lord. He is our primary partner. We confess discontent to Him and He disciplines (teaches or directs) it with His Word of Truth. Both choices for peace and war are under His command. Ah, the adversary defeated! Never surrender either your contentment or your discontentment to any other save Christ. We can lose all things but not these. It is on this ‘rock of ages’ that we continue to build His Kingdom. Could this be the way to the “peace that passes all understanding”?

May the Lord and His Peace be with us.

Elsa Jane


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