Changes December 26, 2013

Financial audit 2012
As 2014 approaches, Good Samaritan Ministries will be making some important changes we want everyone to understand. Over the past 30 years we have been blessed to have our overhead covered through donation support. Though we have acquired many new supporters over the past several years, because we are a small ministry, even small drops in giving over the years can require new directions. Looking ahead to 2014 we are seeing a clear need to move towards our roots as a “volunteer counseling ministry.”

changes for GSM

Although many consider GSM a “FREE” counseling center, the actual cost to run at current operations levels for local services and international program administration is approximately $42K each month. In 2013 costs ran 25% over donations, even though we have been tightening our belt for years. The financial support going towards the cost of providing our current local services here in Beaverton has fallen again in 2013. Therefore we believe balancing our operations alongside our income through wider volunteerism is biblical and good stewardship.

GSM just completed an independent financial audit, confirming excellent accounting with 94.52% of donation funding going directly to services, and just 5.48% going towards our overhead. We are a lean, Kingdom-focused ministry. Using this favorable audit we hope to build relationships with some Samaritan grant writers to help us leverage the audit towards foundation and grant funding next year. We see great potential in this area for 2014.

Remember, that although the above information is financial focused, it keeps us in a deeply prayerful mode, and a posture of trust. This ministry is about God’s Kingdom. We believe He has plans for future Samaritans. The ministries are strongly rooted regionally (in the PNW) and internationally, and because we will remain strong for years to come, we see this as a time for renewal and focus on our roots. Honestly, this is an exciting time as we see God moving, and we already have many people stepping up to teach, counsel, volunteer and give.

GSM Relationship

GSM is a ministry that runs on faith and relationships. Are we reaching the forgotten? Yes. Are we helping the wounded? Yes. Are we seeing the broken on the side of the road? Yes. Are we seeing God move? Again, YES! We are confident knowing that we are doing all we can do, and seeing God moving everywhere in the ministries keeps us energized. He IS with us, and he IS all we need to keep going! How are you going to release your Samaritan passions in 2014?!  

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