Remembering Good Samaritans January 27, 2014

In Memory of Nicholas Ajwang Okungu, January 21, 1960 – Nov. 25, 2013

Nick has always been a servant. He made several trips to Oregon to share together in Samaritan Training here, and also trained Samaritans in Africa and started many GSM centers in Kenya. He upheld us all, praying for hours early in the morning. Healings and Salvation came to many.  There were very special divine attributes given to Nicholas. He had endurance and compassion full measure and running over. (These words and more at his memorial services, written by Bettie Mitchell.)


In Memory Of Carolyn Marie Patrick, Nov 4, 1942 – Jun 10, 2013

A compassionate counselor, Carolyn touched the heart of Samaritans for decades. Her warmth and sharing of the Holy Spirit’s wisdom, touched one life at a time. We remember her kindness, gentleness, thoughtfulness. Our reward is being a part of her work in the Kingdom.


In Memory Of Constance Dale Dolan, Feb 19, 1950 – Apr 10, 2013

Constance, a Samaritan who cared for, encouraged and brightened the day of those she met, will be missed. She is remembered for a miraculous healing from multiple sclerosis, demonstrating her trust in God and dedication to prayer. She freely shared her talent and training, inspiring many.


In Memory of Fred Reichow, Sept. 17, 1934 – Mar. 4, 2013

As a leader among men, he counseled & mentored men and led men’s groups. He served as a GSM Counselor for 12 years. He passed away this spring after battling cancer for many years. Fred was a true Samaritan, never counting the cost.


GSM Mission Accomplished Daily: “Empowering people to live and love as Good Samaritans.”

Be encouraged to write/send photos and other memories or legacies of Samaritans which could be added to our website. Here locally and internationally, thousands have been touched and empowered by Samaritans.


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