New Book From Bettie: Who Is A Samaritan? March 19, 2014

Who is a Samaritan? In Bettie’s new book, discover the life-changing stories of many Samaritans. Author and founder of GSM, Bettie Mitchell encourages you to read the book with your heart and see with your inner eye that God is in charge of all of our days. Bettie also encourages you to watch the video of Mission to Africa (Link posted on the International page). As Bettie says, “That’s your assignment.”

This Wednesday, March 19, you are invited to come and meet Bettie who will introduce her new book, From the Bush to the Roots: The Story of GSM in Africa. The book includes personal letters, poems and travel journals. It is the story of a miracle.  The story of Bettie’s granddaughter, April Sweitz, traveling to Africa is included in the book. Meet young April on Wednesday as well as other Samaritans who have traveled to Africa such as Samaritan leaders, Marty Miller and Jerry Tindall.

Come join us for food, fellowship and inspiration.
Bettie’s New Book Dedication/Celebration
Wednesday, March 19, 6:30 to 8:00 pm
Location: GSM-Beaverton, 7929 SW Cirrus Dr.#23


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