International Night April 5 April 3, 2014

Join us April 5th at 6pm for an international informational, worship, and intercession night at GSM-Beaverton. (Snacks served.)

This is a time to invite new people to come, learn, worship, and hear what God is doing. We are working to find and empower the next generation of Samaritans.  I believe that God has much more planned and greater things in store for GSM and the people we serve.  I can see a time of building on the foundation that has been laid. This is a key time for the international work of Good Samaritan Ministries.

As Bettie’s new book is released, we need to be looking at the foundation to see why GSM is called to Africa and around the world. We need to be asking: What does God have next for a ministry that has more than 28 years of    clearing ground, building relationships, and loving people?  To carry on and build, we must know the author and the plans He has. We must look carefully at the original design and plan that was set in motion.  In a practical way, this process is GSM looking back at the history, taking    inventory, and coming together in unity as we focus on the next season for what God is doing. 

We are envisioning a national conference in Africa taking place in 2014 where all leaders join for a time of clarity, unity, and focus.  The goal will be to share practical leadership,  creative thinking, planning tools, relationship building, and fresh Kingdom teaching. This will be a conference to launch the leaders into fathering their countries, and empowering them through the love of God. We will be     listening to what God is speaking into their work and hear about what He is currently doing.

GSM-Uganda National Director, Osborn and I met in February and April.  Voicing his support for the conference, he said, “The need for coming together and giving tools for leadership is huge and greatly needed.  God’s hand is in this. It is not a matter whether we should gather or not, it is a matter of praying how, when, and where.”  Plans are underway. God continues to do great things.


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