International Day of Prayer May 19, 2014

It’s all about helping others. Here’s one way to get involved locally for regional and international impact.
Good Samaritan Ministries has established Samaritan counseling and training centers in the Pacific Northwest and in 20+ countries, sharing our Mission-“Empowering People To Live and Love as Good Samaritans.”  Thousands of people have been freed from debilitating victim mentalities to new hope and purpose in helping others. Our programs in Africa also include primary and secondary schools; and solutions to combat hunger and poverty.

Find out more about GSM at our annual International Day of Prayer and Fasting. Here and around the world, Samaritans will begin a 24-hour fast to pray for international unity and empowerment at noon Saturday, May 31.  Locally, Samaritans will join together for early morning prayer, 6 to 9 a.m., Sunday, June 1, at the international headquarters office of Good Samaritan Ministries (GSM).

“We welcome people to come and pray for the nations for 20 minutes or all morning,” said Marty Miller, Executive Director. The international headquarters office is located at 7929 SW Cirrus Dr. Unit #23, Beaverton, Ore.. 

“For more than 20 years, Samaritans have joined in deep prayer together on the first weekend in June,” said Miller. Many volunteers gather in Samaritan centers around the world to pray. Prayer rooms will be decorated with photos and notes of prayer requests for Samaritan leaders in places such as Egypt and Senegal where Christians are persecuted.

“Let’s pray to let go of judgment and division; and pray to release joy, hope and abundance,” said Jerry Tindall, a McMinnville resident and an international Samaritan leader with agricultural solutions for combating hunger and poverty in Africa.

Samaritans will be praying during all hours of GSM’s annual 24-hour International Day of Prayer and Fasting in more than 20 countries. In addition to prayers for children and families served by GSM. International Leaders will be praying for the needed funds to cover trip expenses for a long-awaited international conference in Africa. Samaritans hope to travel from Liberia, Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda and other countries to join together in Nairobi, Kenya, with Tindall and Miller and a few other Americans in August.

All are welcome to join in for GSM International Day of Prayer; or whenever it’s convenient come to our headquarters office to volunteer; or to sign up for lay counseling training; or to apply for individual counseling.

Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m., some Samaritans will stay for fellowship with international leaders, worship and a noon potluck. Other Samaritans will go to various Christian churches in the community where they regularly serve in various positions. GSM serves the community and local churches with opportunities for donation-based counseling, teaching and international service.

For more information, call the office at 503-644-2339


Good Samaritan Ministries is a 501c(3) tax-exempt nonprofit.
Address: 7929 SW Cirrus Dr # 23, Beaverton, OR 97008