Welcome Pastor Gorretty Amolo as New National Director of Kenya July 24, 2014

It is with deep appreciation and thanksgiving that Good Samaritan Ministries appoints Pastor Gorretty Amolo as National Director of Kenya. Dr. James Opiyo’s recognition of Pastor Gorretty’s spirit-led service to the people of Kenya has this day led to a recommendation for this appointment confirmed on this date. In agreement with Dr. Opiyo, Continental Director of Africa is Good Samaritan Ministries Director and Chief Samaritan Officer, Marty Miller. This letter is to officially recognize Pastor Gorretty Amollo as National Director of GSM Kenya.

As National Director of Kenya, Gorretty is empowered to express her spiritual discernment and to guide Samaritan Ministry matters in Kenya. She will work alongside, and in support of Continental Director of Africa, Dr. James Opiyo to express the love of Jesus in action. As a Samaritan, Pastor Gorretty agrees to continue sacrificially serving our Lord Jesus and her neighbors. She is hereby charged with a commitment to God’s call to “teach nothing but my Kingdom.”

On this Day Kenya receives a servant leader who will bring wisdom, humility, prayer, training, intercession, love, and so many other gifts. It is through the grace of our Lord she will empower and develop people to live and love others as Good Samaritans.

May the Lord God guide and bless your steps in the days to come, all for His glory!

Marty Miller Chief Samaritan Officer/Director

and  Dr. James Opiyo Continental Director GSM Africa


Message from James:

Praise the Lord my friends. Our God is a great God. I just want to thank you for endorsing the appointment of Pastor Gorretty Amolo as the new National Director of Kenya. We came to this decision after much prayer through the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Gorretty was selected and appointed because of the following reasons:

She was the most qualified and mature for the post. Gorretty joined Good Samaritan Ministries in 1993 and has successfully and tirelessly put all her effort in the ministry. She has taken care of the Kenyan Finances as well as constructed Annual reports, both National and Continental. Thanks to her fine proposals, Kenya sent to us 4 teachers that are being paid by the government. Gorretty has a Diploma in Business English, a certificate in Computer Management, Certificate in Book Keeping and Accounts. She is also a trained Counselor that handles level I, II and III. Currently she is pursuing the Bachelor of Theology degree through distance learning and is pastoring a church with over 300 people and overseeing other 10 pastors in other church branches. She is a mature leader with a wealth of leadership skills. She is a lady of dignity with outstanding moral standards.

James Opiyo Anyango
Continental Director GSM Africa


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