Look Again: Kingdom Giving October 10, 2014

Have you ever sat down and considered the privileges you enjoy each day?

Perhaps we take them for granted because they have become so familiar or even natural. Do you consider having a roof over your head a privilege? How about having clothes to cover your body or a bed to sleep in at night? What about having breath? Some need assistance even with that. How about having a dime in your pocket or a friend that will invite you to dinner? IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD PRIVILEGE IS SHARED. These are the words of the Lord to me as I considered how to respond to a desperate need that has presented to me. I was asked to save a friends house that he was in danger of losing due to lack of the privilege of having any dimes in his pocket. I have dimes in my pocket. I have plans for those dimes. How will I respond to him, not to his problem but to him? I am reminded of the widow’s mite parable that Jesus told in Mark 12:41-44. In this story Jesus shows that giving out of our poverty is, indeed, more righteous than giving out of our surplus. In God’s Kingdom on earth my dimes are part of my privilege and are to be shared in the midst of true need.

As I look again at the parable of the Good Samaritan I can see that the Samaritan saw the true need of the man lying dying beside the road. He had supply and he knew that supply is to be shared. No question, just response. Are we like that Samaritan? Do we see the problem and struggle to solve it some way? Or do we see the person in need and give from our supply. As Samaritans we are called to share from our privilege. One of our privileges is the call from God to “teach nothing but My Kingdom”. Are we responding to the needs of our fellowman from our surplus or from the privilege of our call? Perhaps we need to sit down and make a long list of our privileges to begin to understand the motivation of the Samaritan as he reached out to the one who lost all of his privileges. May God bless you answer to the Call of His Kingdom.

Elsa Jane


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