Prophetic Story To Ponder December 5, 2014

Noel. Noel. Samaritans will gather together for our annual Christmas Party Saturday 5 to 8 pm December 13 in Beaverton. Join us for fun and fellowship. Have you heard? Our traditional chili feed is designed as a benefit for “The Ministry of Counseling & Christian Maturity” in Egypt. Items from Egypt will be for sale along with wooden nativity sets created by Samaritan Tim Baker. This would be a good gift for children who could participate in the Christmas story with the wooden nativity pieces. Also, raffle tickets will be sold for $5 for a beautiful Egyptian bed covering.

Here’s a message from Moushir who just returned to Egypt after a visit to Oregon. He continues to press on, working for many years to sustain a counseling and education center in Cairo, Egypt. “We appreciate your prayer covering for our office in Egypt. Many Samaritans have visited here through Bettie’s tours to the Middle East during the past three decades.”

“Since 1994, when I first came to Oregon, I am amazed with the work GSM does to carry the Samaritan message to the world. Your dedication and prayers throughout the past 25 years is something unique in this selfish world we live in.”

What’s happening in Egypt? “Well, this nice welcoming country we used to have is drastically changing in a very sad way now since the so called “Arab Spring”. No more tourism, which was the number two big source for national income. Inflation is up to the roof. Gas price, as instance, went up 65% in one day last summer, and of course all other prices followed. The laughing Egyptians have become down and gloomy all the day and every day. Daily pressures that were always difficult have become almost unbearable. Disappointment and frustration are in every corner. Moreover, few days ago Islamist started to go bombing and demonstrating on streets again calling for an Islamist revolution. They want to use the momentum from our neighboring countries, such as Syria, Iraq & Libya which have fallen down, to change Egypt as well.”

Yet, Moushir, Evette and their staff continue to offer hope to Christians as the sole Christian counseling ministry in Cairo, which is a city of 22 million. Will you be able to spiritually, emotionally and financially partner with us to carry this heavy yoke for God’s children there?!

The Christmas story of Jesus the Savior coming to earth is a fulfilled prophesy foretold about 400 years earlier in the Book of Isaiah. You’ve heard “For unto us a child is born.” recorded in Isaiah 9:6.

Moushir says: Do we all know the prophetic words written in Isaiah 19: 24-25? “In that day… for that Jehovah of hosts hath blessed them, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people” But do we know when is that day?

You will be amazingly surprised to read the first part of that chapter that says: “And I will stir up the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbor; city against city, and kingdom against kingdom.”

These prophetic words from the beginning of the chapter 19 written in the Book of Isaiah are being fulfilled in these days in Egypt, Moushir observed.

The teacher and leader of counselors named Moushir has invited people to join Club 33 with a $10 monthly donation. Call 503-644-2339 to RSVP for the Dec 13 party or for more info on how to help ease the suffering in Egypt.


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