Good Friday Observance Inspires Samaritans April 12, 2015

More than 200 people attended the annual Good Friday Luncheon and Service on April 3rd in Wilsonville.

Play the video message from GSM Founder and author Bettie Mitchell.  Share it with a friend. 

The “Ministry of Suffering” shared can be inspiring and life changing. Samaritans end each year at noon on Good Friday and begin each new year at 3pm. These 3 hours are set aside as “time outside of time” with the Lord, for deep personal reflection, reverence, communion and celebration.

The worship music was excellent with Jim Liptak, Lynda Wienk, Laura Fribbs, Madisen Hallberg, Joshua Horine and the sound of the Shofar Horn by Craig Hopkins.

Preview YouTube video What About Suffering


bettie on gf 2015

What about suffering




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