Walking with Jesus? OR Challenging Hike with a King‽ May 21, 2015

wooded path
As Christians we know to trust God and our life is in His hands. Easily said, but not so easily done by most of us. Why? Well, we want to trust him, but life screams the “what if’s” deep into our trust and doubts into our faith. Our trust in God is usually based on strong experiences which actually run very deeply (healing, recovering, etc) so why is that as soon as that trust wavers, as it often does, we can find ourselves losing hold of peace? Stresses grow quickly, fear can take hold, and suddenly… “where are you Lord?!” He actually isn’t the one who left.

I have a strong, dedicated walk with Jesus, I KNOW him and his power. If I really know him, should I struggle so? I have experienced nearly indescribable grace in my life. I love working with Him and sharing His love in practical ways. Yet, I apparently have MUCH to learn.

Each day we must choose the thoughts and attitudes that will drive us. Love is a choice, forgiveness is a choice, trust is a choice. Daily as we choose trust and to remember who “HE is,” and not focus so much on us… our failures and circumstances… we are choosing more peace in our life. Today I choose Him, today is all I have. Today I choose to fight for peace.

Marty Miller, Chief Samaritan Officer / Director

Photo courtesy of Dave Gilmore



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