We Want to Teach Love and Peace June 12, 2015

pakistan school 2013“We cannot solve all the world’s problems but we can help one person at a time,” said David Bhatti, who served as a Director of Good Samaritan Ministries Pakistan for 15 years making a huge impact on young school children in Pakistan.

“We want to teach love and peace. Muslim and Christian children go to our GSM schools together. We don’t want to teach hatred.”

Overcoming great difficulties, David explains, “Because someone helped me as an orphan in Pakistan, I am helping orphan children. As God blesses us, we can bless others.”

You are invited to meet David June 17 while he is here visiting at GSM Global Headquarters.

Come to hear stories of faith and see photos of the school children at Samaritan schools in Pakistan next Wednesday June 17 at the International Education meeting which begins at 12:30 p.m. after a noon potluck.

Many orphans and underprivileged would be begging on the street if they didn’t receive the help from Samaritans in Pakistan. David’s mother died when he was less than 3 years old and his father died before he was born. He was an orphan. His older brother shared the good news of Jesus with him as a child. His brothers and family members are still sharing the good news.

A few teachers made a big difference in his life. As a young orphan, his second grade teacher was merciful to him. He also knows that the Hand of God was protecting him when he was mocked as the only Christian among Muslim children at school.

Bettie Mitchell, founder of GSM, was one of the special teachers in his life. He tells the testimony of when Bettie visited him in 1991. When Bettie prayed and laid her hand on him, he shares, “God healed me by the Holy Spirit of the loss of my parents, (pause) then I had joy from Jesus.

Always learning, David has three Master’s degrees including. Christian Counseling, Masters of Divinity, and International Relations. David speaks five languages. He has translated the GSM Counseling Training handbook and edited “A Need for Understanding,” into the Pakistani language so that it can be used to train Samaritans there.
In fact, this teaching is so important that they placed it in the cornerstone block of the new GSM continental training center and new school building recently completed in Karachi.

On June 17, he will share photos from his recent trip to the Samaritan centers in Pakistan. He meets with Pakistani community leaders by Skype, planning collaboration to repair schools, and to build desks.

Currently living in Canada, David works as a coordinator of international students at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. His ministry includes outreach to international students from all over the world and the immigrant community from India and Pakistan.


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