Just hug me Jesus… June 19, 2015


As I come painfully honest to the forefront of my thinking, my heart, and my soul cry out for the open arms of Christ and the warm embrace of His spirit and His presence.  At times of struggle, loneliness or tough situations, it would be nice to just have a holy hug and hear Jesus say “It’s gonna be OK, dude.”  Often we will accept the struggles rather than ask for help.  Or when we ask for help, we question or don’t think it’s fair when help doesn’t come the way we expect.  Do you consider this Christian nature, human nature, or just me.  Boy there are times a hug would be nice.

Sometimes I act like I want God to be my comforting mother, or a rich uncle, instead of my Father.  I would rather have a hug and all my needs met than to be shaped, taught, disciplined, or given assignments by my Father.  The journey is not an easy one and we will mostly pick a path around or look for a shortcut through tough issues.  Many reading this are nodding up and down right now.

There is always MORE with God, and His plans for our life apparently may not include the timely amount or types of blessings we think we need and desire.  “God, why don’t you and I see things the same way?… Why is this SO hard?!”  Often when we finally release our stressors, our entitlements, and our selfish baggage onto Jesus… only then can we truly rest in His presence.  Only then does peace beyond our understanding come.  He is forever faithful to allow us time to unload, chat for as long as we want and reset our hearts.  What’s cool about the God of MORE is that He always sets us on the ground and reminds us, “You are not done, keep going.” 

So as I ponder Him in my life, I am reminded that God is both King and Father.  One who is constantly training and reshaping.  A Father to be both revered and respected, and who has proven many times He is more interested in my growth and His relationship with me than I am in His plan or path.  Our King is a loving Father and strong leader.  He knows we are strugglers, and knows those struggles and our hearts.  God loves you whether you rise above your issues or fall on your face.  WHY?  Because His path is one of loving restoration.  When you realize that pruning and reshaping doesn’t always feel good, but trust His path, life gets much more enjoyable.  How can we be sure?  How can we trust?  He is your potter, He is shaping you.  He is hugging you, but He is not done restoring you.  Keep going!

And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. 
1 Peter 5:10 

Marty Miller,  Chief Samaritan Officer                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

photo courtesy of Dave Gilmore


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