Family Camp Weekend July 29, 2015

Who will you meet at the Samaritan Family Camp Weekend this summer? You could meet Marty Miller, our chief Samaritan, counselors, staff and a variety of people from all walks of life,  children, teens, single parents, single adults, and married couples of all ages with or without minor children. Please sign up ASAP for this year’s camp Aug 21-23 in Silverton, Oregon.

Lisa shared that she had a wonderful time last year, and that she and her finance were thrilled to have the opportunity to get baptized outdoors in the river.

A 15-year-old with severe social anxiety experienced a break through when she went to camp and found so many caring people who were kind and patient as they welcomed her.  She stood up at the end of the weekend to share that she was thankful. (Her family received a partial scholarship to attend camp.)

Meeting new people each year, Gail and her grandkids have attended Family Camp at the Christian Renewal Center for about 15 years:  Gail has been encouraged by attending camp, even when she couldn’t afford to go. She has been invited to attend with a partial scholarship and has shown up with very raw emotions. Amidst the grief of losing her only daughter, and mother of her grandchildren, Gail took great steps forward and has found healing.  She needed to move past her circumstances which often drove anger, frustration, and despair. Gail has expressed her gratitude for the connection, and the care for herself, not found anywhere else. She is looking forward to the next camp. She was the first one to call to sign up. Being equipped with support and tools she gains at camp will help her be a stronger single parent and grandmother.

All ages and stages are welcome as part of our Samaritan Family Camp this summer.

Does your family work together as a team?  Do you communicate effectively with one another?  Are family problems resolved in a consecutive, healthy manner? What does your family stand for?  What do you stand for?  Strive to be a family that functions in an effective, balanced way helping every member to grow in nature, in stature, and in favor with God and men.

Family Camp weekend retreat is from Friday evening at 7 pm until Sunday afternoon at 2 pm

Take time with your Samaritan family to:

  • Interact and function together in an effective, productive way
  • Work together as equal team members in the Kingdom of God
  • Do the work of the Lord Jesus Christ as active Samaritans in this world
  • Effectively and powerfully conquer evil by standing and working together in agreement
  • Function in relationships in the world, as they learn how to function in relationships in the family; Get excited about free will and decision-making
  • Live a life of prayer
  • Use time effectively

Creative interactive methods such as biblical drama, problematic, role-playing, family spiritual and play time, and counseling.   Samaritan Family Camp happens at the beautiful Christian Renewal Center (CRC) near Silver Falls State Park. CRC contains four beautiful lodges, a comfortable dining room, recreational facilities and a lovely chapel with an inspirational view.

The teaching sessions, the recreational times, and the worship experiences meet needs of the whole family.  The separation of children from the whole group is kept to minimum, though some extra play time or special story times are provided for very young children with shorter attention spans.

Cost for 2 nights lodging and 5 meals
Adults $105
Children 7-12 yrs $55
Children 4-6 yrs $27.50 (Younger Children Free.)
To register, call the Beaverton office 503-644-2339 anytime (and leave a message if the receptionist is out). Call ASAP to let us know if you are interested or if you have any questions.  You won’t want to miss this time to grow together as a Samaritan Family. Families (or friends) can room together in the lodges.

“Family Camp has been a powerful life-changing experience in my life.”—Heidi.


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